Currently Coveting: Macadamia Hair Products

I don’t usually worry too much about my hair products (which is probably not a good thing to admit…but…I’m just gonna be real with you) however, this set was just way too enticing, so I gave it a shot! The whole line smells so good, and it’s all very easy to style with. I have the shampoo + conditioner, anti-humidity finishing spray (lifeSAVER in this weather we’ve been having lately), nourishing oil treatment, hair mask, and holding spray. All very good, so I will just point out some of my favorite things below!

macadamia-hair-products– Shampoo + conditioner are both very light. I did not feel like they took forever to wash out, but I also did feel like they were treating my hair, which is a win-win!

– I am a huge advocate for oil treatments before and after blow drying, and this oil was amazing! It wasn’t too heavy and I was able to put a generous amount on my hair without it looking greasy.

– The anti-humidity spray has been SO necessary lately! I don’t know what is up with the weather but So-Cal is experiencing some major June-gloom-humidity-madness. I haven’t even been bothering with my hair lately; just lettin’ the natural curls make their annual summertime appearance! This spray definitely helped a bit…it almost acted as a hair spray in the sense that you spray it on your dry hair to hold your style and to fight humidity (obvi).

– The hair spray was a strong hold, but did not feel too hairspray-y. You know what I mean? Just go with it.


Macadamia Shampoo | Conditioner | Hairspray | Anti-Humidity Spray | Hair Mask | Oil Treatment


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