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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great day, and are enjoying a nice evening! I decided that I am going to focus on beauty this week, because I honestly have SO many things to share with you guys that I’ve been trying out lately!

I am starting off with this face regimen that I started months ago from Enza Essentials. If you’ve never heard of this line, then you should definitely visit the site and see what they have to offer! If you’re following me on snapchat (@ashbeegash) or saw this post from last week, then you know that I am still battling against the condition of my skin, and trying to reverse some damage with laser treatments. Whether or not it is noticeable with my makeup, it truly frustrates me because in high school I literally just worse blush & mascara and I miss that!

Since the laser treatments take time to start seeing results, it helps to have a good system at home for cleansing your skin properly. That’s where Enza comes in! The best part about this regimen is that a consultant is available to completely put together your morning and night time kit. I told them what my problem areas were, what I wanted to target, and what I struggle with in terms of sensitivity. This line never once dried out my skin, nor did it ever make me oily. I was so surprised because I have tried SOOO many different face washes and they either do NOTHING for me, or they make my face as dry as the Sahara desert.

Despite the fact that I am still struggling with my skin (honestly I just need to stop touching my face and picking pimples), I still think this cleansing treatment is amazing. It’s gentle, yet aggressive. And anything catered to my skin specifically is a huge win in my book because everyone’s skin is different, so not everyone will benefit from the steals & deals in the Target aisle!


(instructions on when & how to use ALL products came in a nice folder, so there was no confusion…another win!)

Sustaining Cleanser – C-40568

Cool Sustaining Toner – T-26268

Glycolic Serum

Vitamin C Serum

Sustaining Glow Creme – E55602

Fine Facial Polish – X-43745

SPF 30

Roll on spot treatment liquid

clarisonic face cleansing system enza


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