Styling a Bar Cart

styling a cute bar cart

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Styling a Bar Cart can be one intimidating venture. When my dad first re-purposed this old cart for me, I was SO excited to get it home. It wasn’t until I started to fill it up that I realized decorating a bar cart is a long process, and cannot be done overnight (at least not if you’re on a budget).

Of course I took to Pinterest to find ideas. The items I found were ‘necessary’ were the following:

  1. Let’s start with the obvious: Alcohol. Not just any alcohol, beautiful alcohol. Think Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, St. Germain, and my newest (and favorite) addition, White Girl Rosé. These can either be stacked on top, or on a lower shelf (depending on the shelf height of each level on your specific cart). Tip: Either stick to 5 bottles or less, or overcrowd your bar cart to make it known that’s what you’re trying to do. Examples here and here.
  2. Prints. They can be of anything! I chose these “Classic” and “XOXO” prints from Petite & Bold Etsy shop! You can also find bar cart related prints here; there are SO many that I love! I thought this ‘Merci!’ print was cute too. Since I had 3 shelves to work with, I put one on each shelf. 1-2 prints is definitely enough though if you are worried about overdoing it!
  3. Unconventional conversation piece. For me, it was this ‘Glitter’ Jar. It isn’t very functional…aka I have no idea what I would put in it (unless this cart was for tea or coffee, then you could put sugar packets in it!) BUT, it is so dang cute! I love the stripes and how the black and white ties in the prints with all of the bright colors. You can also do a cool skull (the bottle of vodka that comes in a skull is a nice touch), an amazing gold pineapple, or a vase of fresh blooms. Also how cool are these wine stoppers?
  4. Glassware. This can be solely for looks, or you can store your wine glasses on a shelf! I chose to display these adorable stemless wine glasses that I am afraid to use because I don’t want the glitter writing to come off, as well as these “Cheers” shot glasses. The bottom DIY champagne flute is also an adorable way to store these diamond stir sticks!
  5. Fashion books. Or any book that you love! Books that you’ve read through many times, books with pretty covers, bright colors, etc. (Amazon is where I get all of my books from; remember in college where you would buy ‘Used’ and it would arrive in great shape but a fraction of the cost? Yeah…that’s a skill that I still utilize to this day! A once loved book is just as good, if not better, than a brand new one). A small stack of books adds a little more flavor and helps integrate the bar cart into a more functional storage piece for a living room.
  6. Serving utensils. I’m not sure if ‘utensil’ is the correct word…but at the bottom of my bar cart I have this decanter that is ready to be used at a moment’s notice! Other items that fall into this category would be the selection of paper straws that I have collected over the years, and the stir sticks mentioned in #4. All items that you can use with the drinks you mix!
  7. Tray. It’s hard to see it, but there is a lucite tray on the top shelf where all of the alcohol sits. It’s a nice touch and makes your organized chaos a little more on the organized side. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

& voila! You have yourself an adorably decorated bar cart; Pinterest worthy and everything! Send me snaps if you have a bar cart in your house, I want to see the cute things you added!! Snapchat: @ashbeegash

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