The Tillow

I am so thankful to live so close to the beach; it was always my goal as a kid growing up to live as close to the ocean as possible, and since I was 18, I’ve made that happen! (Granted, it doesn’t get much better than going to a school that hangs over Sunset Cliffs…but one day I’ll be that close again!). There’s no doubt that this weekend was another amazing one, and I have provided proof below! Just a couple of snippets to show you what my Saturday looked like 🙂 Focus on The Tillow…because that thing is ridiculous in the best way possible.

Honestly. This thing is lifechanging. It’s called The Tillow…AKA: a towel with a removable pillow inside of it! SO GOOD! The towel is so incredibly soft and the pillow is legitimately SO comfortable (and I am terribly picky when it comes to pillows, so you can trust me on this one). I fell asleep on the beach and took a solid 30 minute nap…so yeah, you need this in your life ASAP. one-teaspoon-bandits

Love my One Teaspoon Bandits. coola-mineral-sunscreen-birchbox

Okay guys this is pretty cool(a) (LOL I’m a dork sorry). It’s loaded with interesting features. First of all it’s mineralized sunscreen, second of all its a Natural BB Cream, third of all it’s virtually weightless on your skin, fourth of all it is NOT OILY WHATSOEVER. So yeah, Birchbox FTW. COOLA. Check out their products.go-set-a-watchman-harper-lee

My boyfriend and I both started this book this Saturday and I am SO EXCITED. He picked them up for us while we were buying lunch for our beach day, which was the best idea ever because I’ve been wanting this book since I heard it was coming out! I was going to try and out read him while he was taking a nap on the beach, but then I fell asleep thanks to The Tillow. And now he’s like 150 pages ahead of me. Lame.olukai-sandals

These OluKai sandals are so awesome. The leather is on another level. Saying the brand just makes me wish I was in Hawaii.


I started playing around with my Aperture setting on my camera. I never took the time to master my DSLR when I first got it, so I am now trying to get it together and figure that ish out. I like this picture of the seagulls just hangin’ 😉

And THAT’s THAT. Happy Tuesday, everyone! Thanks for reading my impromptu(esday) post. And I am now done making up words. xo



  1. 08/04/2015 / 10:01 pm

    Ok that Tillow looks amazing! And I love those shorts! xo

    • Ashley Guyatt
      08/05/2015 / 9:13 am

      It really is!! So comfy!

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