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If you follow me on social media then it’s no secret that I’ve been using a new self-tanner than I cannot get enough of! I have tweeted, instagrammed, and snapchatted the heck out of this stuff. This at-home, easy-to-use self tanner is by Loving Tan and I am forever hooked.

I first stumbled across the brand on Instagram and couldn’t believe how natural the tan looked. I thought it had to be editing, but then I started stalking them and everyone who uses the product and I was convinced! (The color that I have been using and will be featuring in this blog is Medium, but next time I place an order I will for sure be going darker, based off of all the images on Instagram)

The medium is a great starter shade if you just want to see how your skin takes the tanner, especially for the cold winter months. It’s the best “semi-natural yet we all really know it’s fake” shade. I even had multiple people ask me last week if I had just gotten back from a vacation somewhere tropical because of how tan I looked!

My favorite part about Loving Tan is that every single time I have used it, I’ve never had a problem with streaks or an orangey shade. It’s brilliant!

I have used the 2-hour Express mousse as well as the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse (which is supposed to be left on for up to 6 hours) and have gotten excellent results with both. I prefer the 2-hour express mousse simply because it is quicker, so if you’re deciding between the two, go with that one!

It’s a very subtle difference in this before-and-after image below due to the lighting in my room…but, it’s amazing in person and looks completely and 100% natural…even in the photo below! Like I said, I am currently using Medium, but will be switching to Dark next!

Feel free to email me or tweet me any questions you may have!

Use code ‘ashbegash’ for a free mitt at checkout! ($15 value)

I also recommend this nice back applicator if you don’t have anyone around to help you with your back!

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