Planning a Winter Baby Shower

You may have seen the Baby Shower I helped my friend Hannah throw a couple of weekends back on Snapchat. We had SO much fun planning it, and are even looking to do more events in the coming year! (More details on that to follow ;)) It was so incredible to see our weeks of planning come together for such a great afternoon celebrating such a dear friend. Though it looked very simple, there were a lot of working pieces! I decided to write up a post to let you into the process and mindset behind each step!


Me and  Hannah (the brunette you see on my Snapchat probably every other day…) started brainstorming using Pinterest, of course! We started a board with all of our ideas and let our imaginations run wild! It’s so important to look at as MUCH inspiration as possible, especially before you make any concrete decisions.

We decided on a simple white theme. Being that the shower was for a boy, we wanted it to be very neutral, but still with feminine touches that would represent the mama-to-be’s personal style preferences.

Believe it or not, our focal pieces were a naked cake with white frosting and powdered sugar, and greenery sporadically placed on tables. That proves that a simple theme can still inspire a grand event!


Luna Wishes Studio helped me throw an amazing Bachelorette party for my best friend this year, so there was not even one second of hesitation when deciding where to get the decor from.

Michelle is the owner and she is a genius when it comes to all things decor. Her special touch truly does transform any event you throw! She is so precise with her work, and pays close attention to detail when coming up with the package of goodies. Michelle helped us add the special deer/antler touch to incorporate the fact that it’s a boy and to also play up the winter season.

The garlands are always my favorite! She uses the best glitter cardstock; it’s so fine and beautiful!


This was probably the biggest challenge when planning this baby shower.

Hannah and I knew that we wanted the food to be easy to eat, brunch related, neutral so that everyone could enjoy something, and cost effective!

We ended up getting most of it from Costco, and putting it on pretty serving plates to make it look fancier! We also stopped by Panera Bread for a dozen bagels that we cut up so more people could enjoy a reasonable serving, and ordered some items from Joan’s on Third to add that elevated feel to the finger foods.

Since it was in the late morning, we also made sure to have cheese plates and chicken, as well as a tossed salad in case people ate a light breakfast prior to arriving.


Originally Hannah and I were scoping out the perfect patio for this baby shower, however we knew that the weather would be hard to predict and we wanted to make sure it was a comfortable atmosphere for the mama and her friends! (Sure enough, the weekend we held the shower it was SO WINDY in LA, we couldn’t even use the backyard at this house! So it was a huge help to be indoors).

It’s SO helpful to find out if one of the attending guests has a space big enough to host. Luckily, a very generous guest offered up her home for the shower so we were able to set up everything prior to everyone’s arrival and create a very laid back, comfortable environment.

It was extremely useful to have a massive island in the middle to act as the food table/dessert table/bar. All-in-one! It also made for great photos 🙂


Of course opt for the champagne brunch, but remember that the guest of honor can’t drink! We made sure to get two Starbucks travelers and had lots of yummy juices that could be enjoyed with or without champagne.


SO. We were very anti-games. None of that ‘crush chocolate in a diaper and smell it to guess what it is,’ uhh yuck. Instead we opted for fun activities! We had a “Name The Baby” raffle, Advice for the Parents, Decorate a Onsie, Drink the Bottle Fastest, and Guess The Belly Circumference. Everyone who won each challenge (if applicable) won a little $5 Starbucks gift card! All fun and exciting, but nothing that made people uncomfortable or sad if they lost. Win-Win!

luna wishes garlandbaby shower gamesDSC_0926 dessert table easy appetizers food for baby shower white theme baby shower winter table setting it's a boy garland champagne glasses glitter deer head glitter stir sticks brunch baby showergame for baby shower glamorous baby shower deer garland white cake pops easy baby shower decor throwing a winter shower baby shower decor


All garlands & stir sticks/appetizer sticks c/o Luna Wishes Studio

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