TruSelf Organics Face Mask

I have posted about the TruSelf Organics Face Mask in the past at this post here. The only difference is I finally got my hands on their Utensil Set!

You’re going to laugh when I say this, but I actually used to just put the powder in the mask cap, add water, and mix with my finger. SO not ideal!!!

When I saw that they had a utensil kit on their website, I immediately knew that this would be the perfect solution. I hated using dishes from my kitchen to mix the mask, so it really just made me not want to use the mask as often…which is not good either!

Unfortunately I left out the mixing stick that comes with the kit, but I didn’t feel like reshooting everything once I realized it was missing (oops), but you can see the complete set here.

This mask is great because it dries quickly, and once it’s washed off completely, your skin is left feeling very soft and a little bit tighter. I’ve tried countless masks and this one continues to be at the top of my list. So do your skin a favor and try it out! 🙂 Also, scroll down to see the video tutorial showcasing how I used my utensil kit!

Happy Sunday loves!

utensil kit for face mask truself organics mask face mask utensils



Video shot by Allyson Clark | Video edited by Davis Guyatt


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