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I am a lover of trying new beauty products. If a product comes highly recommended, then you can bet that I am on my way to the store to find out for myself as soon as possible. Masques are specifically a product I really enjoy experimenting with. Until now, I hadn’t found one that truly transformed my face, but I truly believe that this Masque by Dermalogica is the ultimate game changer!

The first time I tried the Charcoal Rescue Masque by Dermalogica, I was blown away. I’ve been wanting to try a charcoal based masque for quite some time now but never got around to it (story of our lives, right?). From the moment I put this masque on I knew that it was going to give me exactly what I’d been missing from my other masques.

I left it on for 10 minutes and was pleased to notice the following throughout the process:

  1. It’s easy to apply the masque; the consistency is smooth enough to easily spread all over your face quickly, and thick enough to apply in one clean sweep without feeling like you missed any spots or need to go over it again to make the masque thicker.
  2. Like all Dermalogica products, this masque is free of artificial fragrances so I didn’t need to worry about eye irritation that strong fragrances can commonly cause.
  3. When the masque dries, it does not harden to the point of being a mummy. You can definitely tell when it’s time to remove the masque, but you don’t feel like the life is being sucked out of you. Which is SO nice if you ask me.
  4. Scrubbing the masque off with water acts almost as a secondary treatment; ingredients like volcanic ash and bamboo stem extract exfoliate to seal the deal when you’re washing it off.
  5. Almost instantly after removing the masque, I could tell that the overall texture of my skin had improved. My pores looked smaller, there was no redness, it felt completely reenergized and it was so incredibly soft

rescue masque

As we enter Spring, it is so vital to take care of your skin as the weather heats up again. This is the perfect masque to transition from cold blistering temps to warm summer days. The Charcoal Rescue Masque is ideal for all skin types, and can be easily inserted into any regimen you are already on.

I have the MOST sensitive skin on the planet and all I saw were positive results. SO…if I can bring this into my strict skin regimen, then anyone can.

If you have been looking for a new masque to try, please take my word for it!! This one is my favorite masque out of everything I’ve used in the past, and I’ve used some pretty incredible products!

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charcoal rescue masque dermalogica charcoal rescue


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