Collaboration Over Competition

Collaboration over competition ALWAYS. Two is better than one, and you can never go wrong with a group of inspiring individuals to bounce ideas off of. What better way to get the creative juices flowing than by sitting down and collaborating, brainstorming, and creating a master plan together?!

I have always been a huge fan of this babe (@paige_arminta on IG – go follow her she’s a flippin’ MODEL behind the camera and IRL) so it was a BLAST being able to finally shoot with her!

It just reiterated the fact that it’s so much more fun to work WITH fellow boss babes than to work against them, or anyone for that matter! We can learn SO MUCH from each other, and even being able to have a conversation about social media without someone rolling their eyes about how #shallow they find the topic to be is refreshing.

This post is nothing more than an appreciation post for those in the industry who are paving the way towards collaboration over competition, and always embracing those around them who are eagerly working their way to the top. There is room for ALL of us to succeed, and chances are, we’ll get there faster if we work together.

I love this social media space, especially because of how easy it is to connect with people all around the world, and I hope that it only continues to get bigger, better, stronger, and more dense with like-minded creators, innovators, story-tellers, and lifestyle designers. Sure, sometimes all you see are the Sparknote versions of life, but there’s nothing wrong with digital beauty and constant inspiration, right? Don’t get caught up on what people “want you to think their life looks like” and simply celebrate them on the work that they put into their creations, *like* (or don’t) and move on.

ALSO, PSA: anyone who wants to buy these Mom Jeans from American Eagle, which I highly recommend you do (I wear mine almost everyday), I just want to talk about sizing! I’m still honestly undecided, because what you see below is a size 2 Regular. They look good, but in reality, after a day or so of wearing them, the waist size was SOOO stretched out. Like, insanely stretched out. I recently exchanged them for a size 0, and they fit nicely but are much tighter. The waistline is still a little stretched out, but the legs are not nearly as loose. So…if you’re close in size to me, I’d say you may like either size! Go for a size 2 if you want jeans that are super super comfy, size 0 if you want to wear them out and still feel sassy.


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Photography by @Clinetography


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