Date Night In | How To Make Your Own Sushi!

Brennan has always been so good at planning our dates. It’s not uncommon for him to send a mid-day “fancy date night tonight” text or surprise me with a bottle of wine on the beach, and we’ve been to so many movies since we started dating I’ve honestly lost count.

His spontaneity is something I value SO much, and his attention-to-detail and ability to surprise me is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

As spontaneous as he loves to be, as we get into the summer months, date nights are going to be a little trickier because we’re entering Brennan’s “busy season.” That means early mornings, late nights, exhaustion, and a desire to stay in whenever possible to decompress and get ready for the weeks ahead (which secretly I love because lately I opt for staying in when I have the choice…who am I?!)

We value our dates so much that since we’ve started dating, we’ve always made a huge effort during these busy summer months to have breakfast dates, and late-night dinner & movie dates to make due with the “free” time we do have…but keeping that spontaneous factor is something we also try to incorporate as much as possible!

Which is why this sushi DIY date was SO much fun.

It was so out-of-the-ordinary!

We go to sushi pretty frequently, and we’re both obsesssed with it. So when I got this Date Box for us to try to make our own with, Brennan was up for the challenge! (If you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean…Brennan was game from the beginning, and by the end he was basically a pro sushi chef).

I loved how different this date night was for us! It required us to communicate and work as a team, and also be super open-minded because we were both doing something we’d never done before…together!

It’s so great to see how your relationship works under new pressures.

Good pressures (like learning to make sushi together), or bad (no explanation needed there).

New activities together reveal a part of one another that you may not see on a day-to-day basis in your comfortable, normal, everyday routines, so it’s important to switch things up a bit!

It’s especially great when the activity involves something you BOTH love!

home made sushi

Which leads me to mentioning how much fun Winc is for couples to try too! Brennan and I have recently been getting SUPER into different wines. He brings home fancy wines every month and we try to learn something about them, or really pay attention to what we’re actually tasting (not something that we usually do with our $7 bottles). Being involved with Winc and getting new wines every month is the perfect way to fuel our expanding palates!

Head to Winc and enter promo code ASHBEGASH25 for $25 off your order! (That’s FOUR bottles, for $27!!!!)

couple goalswine clubgood wines on a budget

And while you’re at it…take a peek at our Date Night In vlog, and let me know what other Youtube content you’d like to see! I haven’t been mentioning it, BUT I have been uploading some videos weekly just for fun. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂




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  1. 05/26/2017 / 11:32 am

    This is so cute! I’ve always wanted to try making sushi at home and this makes it look easy 🙂

    • Ashley Guyatt
      05/31/2017 / 3:19 pm

      It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! And so fun to do!! 🙂

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