Flexing Like a Yogi in Amari Activewear

Anyone know that song? It’s literally called “Yoga.” Had to pull some lyric inspo from that for my title because LET’S BE REAL, I’m no yogi. But I can pretend that I know what I’m doing, right?

Whether we like to admit it or not, there’s nothing more motivating than a new workout outfit.

When I feel like I LOOK GOOD working out, it makes me want to work out harder.

And if that’s enough to get you out of bed in the morning…then so be it!

This outfit from Amari Activewear is amazing because A) it’s high-waisted AF. B) It’s thick, yet breathable. C) It’s cute AF, too.

The side panels are really lightly colored flowers, but my eyes kind of trick me into thinking it looks like a marble print. And if I could marble contact paper my entire life, I would. Just ask Brennan. He told me this week that I want everything to be white marble, and I told him that YES that is true and that he needs to accept it. He did 😉

Also, I need to call out every detail of this post.

Sure, it’s editorial. Sure, I added these “props” to really get the point across of the active lifestyle that Amari stands for.

But, it must be said.


These bluetooth headphones are a GAME CHANGER. I listen to them while riding my bike to work and they stay in place (unlike little ear pods) and I can just throw my phone safely in my bag. ALSO, YOU CAN TALK ON THE PHONE USING THEM, TOO! HOW COOL IS THAT!

These sandals have suddenly replaced my normal go-to Rainbow sandals. I LOVE THEM. They’re so comfortable, and waterproof…so they’re super easy to wash if they get sandy.

This bag – YOU GUYS. I haven’t ever had a great duffle bag, so this is something that I am actually obsessed with. Dagne Dover is such a rad brand, and they just recently released this 365 brand. Brennan and I have matching Landon Carryall bags in the large size (his is dark green, with a matching backpack) and I also have their sleek toiletry bag in Prism).

They’re amazing pieces for travel, unisex, and a really awesome fabric. Brennan also uses his bags for work and sports, so they can really be used for anything that fits your lifestyle. They’re amazing.

HOW HAPPY ARE YOU ALL THAT IT IS FRIDAY?! I know I’m thrilled. Brennan and I are going to an awesome show tonight at the Wallis Annenberg theater in Beverly Hills called The Encounter, and apparently we’re going to be wearing headphones! It’s sure to be an experience. Hope you have some fun weekend plans!

If you’re an LA local, come to Subdued’s sample sale tomorrow! It’s from 12-4 in Santa Monica in the alley right next to our store (416 Broadway). I’ll be there all day! There will be CLOTHES from $5-$25, music, and popsicles from Dream Pops! Should be fun 🙂

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Sports Bra + Yoga Pants, c/o Amari Activewear (USE CODE FOR 25% OFF AshbsTribe25 FOR 25% OFF) | Headphones, c/o Specter Wireless | Landon Carryall Bag (Large), c/o Dagne Dover | Sandals, c/o Malvados (17 different colors!)

Photography by Clinetography


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