Friday Favorites – In Bed with Nordstrom

Who else is SO THANKFUL that it’s Friday? I literally couldn’t wait for Friday as soon as Monday got here – that’s a bit dramatic…but I’m okay with that right now. Here is round two of Friday Favorites! Sorry it’s a bit late…today was one of those days that I really found it hard to be motivated. I hate when that happens.

friday favorites

I’m loving the satin trend that is going around right now. At first I was a tad bit unsure, but now I’m like give me all the satin things.

I’ve noticed that since this trend started, I’ve also been completely captivated by beautiful loungewear/borderline lingerie.

In fact, I just picked up these Lovers + Friends lace shorts today at a sample sale Downtown (sold out unfortunately, but I wanted you to get the visual!) and I’m so excited to wear them around my house but also attempt to style them into some looks! Stay tuned to see if that’s a success or not lol.

Below you’ll find pieces from Nordstrom that are actually ALL affordable, and so dang cute. Sidenote, I had no idea Band of Gypsies was making intimate! When I worked at Nordstrom, it was only BP clothing I think *pondering emoji face.* They’re definitely worth checking out (price point & overall design) and I wish they had started this earlier!

A handful of these items are also on sale at the moment, so jump on them before they’re gone!



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