Maybelline Concealer Hack

Makeup, makeup, MAKEUP. The possibilities are literally endless. It’s actually INSANE what people can do with makeup. I wish that I was one of those genius beauty bloggers, buuuut I’m not. I’m just a normal girl, doing normal makeup, watching fantastic YouTubes tryin’ to figure this ish out, because it is a struggle sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE doing my makeup. I believe a good cat-eye and some stand-out fake eyelashes can take your night to another level. The thing that I struggle with most is the covering of the skin that I’ve been given! I watch these girls and I’m like okay but HOW did you get a complexion like that? And how do you not get oily? And how are your pores non-existent?? (Sidenote: a skin-care blog featuring an excellent line to combat pores is coming soon and it’s amazing). But anyways. HOW??? HOW!!!!!

Unfortunately I still haven’t found their secrets out. BUT, I have found some products that help a girl like me with oily, acne-prone, dark-spotted, semi-noticeable pores type skin get through the day feeling covered up and fresh faced.

I’m focussing mostly today on my concealers from Maybelline. I’ve been using Age Rewind for nearly a year now, and it never disappoints. Recently I’ve been turned onto their new Superstay Better Skin concealer and I am now an even stronger believer that Maybelline just gets it. (Have you tried their $6 lipsticks???? My girl Emily from Stiletto Beats is doing a giveaway on her blog of her favorite Maybelline Nude lipsticks and I WANT THEM ALL. Go enter!)

Anyways. I’m going to stop rambling and let you just watch the VIDEO below where I reveal what my Maybelline Concealer Hack is. It’s my first video in 8 freaking months soooo I’m super rusty (not like I was this crazy good youtuber before…in fact my boyfriend went through all of my videos last night and had a grand old time lololol) BUT it’s one of my goals to get better. SO I’m pretty damn proud of the editing I figured out all on my own last night (after 4 freaking hours)…if you follow me on snapchat then you saw the STRUGGLES I went through haha.


Don’t miss your chance to get your dad something amazing from Parabellum, with free monograming when you use code ‘blonde.’!!! Look at what I got for my dad here! (Seriously thinking about just keeping it because I love it so much…don’t tell him!).

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Instant Age Rewind

SuperStay Better Skin

Maybelline New York Color Stick | NudeWhite | Green | Yellow

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

In partnership with Maybelline

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