Polka Dot Comeback

Polka dots used to be my JAM.

I  mean…this blog STARTED as “Polka Dots & Sailor Stripes.”

*moment of silence for what I used to identify with*

When I moved to LA and decided I no longer resonated with that name, I kind of banned any and every polka dotted item I ever owned from my closet. It took me a WHILE to come back around to the idea of incorporating them back into my wardrobe, but fashion is a never ending pendulum…so sure enough, here we are!

I recently found this dress at H&M (sadly it’s not online, but maybe you can still find it in stores) and had to have it.

This semi falls under a DIY dress because the “buttons” were not actually functioning. To change that, I seam-ripped the ish out of this to make it a dramatic deep v (sassier) that had working buttons if I decided to wear it somewhere a little more…conservative.

I’m supes pleased with the end result.

It’s amazing what a little imagination and a lot of cutting and sewing can do when you WANT to dress like a million bucks but only have 5!

The look I’m going for is semi Realisation -esq…and if you don’t know, now ya know.

I’ve rounded up some of H&M other polka dot dresses which are V CUTE below…so make sure to scrolllllll on down!

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Dress, H&M | Jacket, c/o Rudsak | Shoes, Gucci (BLACK IS BACK IN STOCK!!!!!)| Hat, Lack of Color | Sunglasses, Amazon

Photography by Clinetography


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