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No matter how old I get, September will always remind me of back to school. That USED to mean new clothes (shout-out to my mom, can we go shopping??) but now it seems to mean every single individual in Los Angeles gets up and gets on the road at the EXACT SAME TIME. It literally took me 10 minutes to get through one light today, JUST because of the congestion outside of Santa Monica High School. I mean, c’mon! This wouldn’t be a huge issue if I didn’t try to squeeze in my workouts at 6 am every morning. This also wouldn’t be an issue if I wasn’t so bad at being on time (guilty). All this to say, a breakfast on-the-go is my everyday reality. That’s why it’s so important for me to have healthy, quick, and EASY options!

Generally speaking, food items don’t make it on to my blog very often (if at all). I am making an exception for this product because it is honestly the BEST idea I’ve been introduced to. I’m also a huge fan of easy, affordable, healthy food options.

Daily Harvest is LIFE CHANGING and LITERALLY EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY IT. I promise you, making smoothies will never be the same again! You can either purchase a pre-made box of flavors, or you can hand pick the flavors you would like to try. I chose to go a la carte with my flavors.

The smoothies come packed sealed tightly in a freezer box, ready to be transferred straight to your own freezer. That’s right, say goodbye to your fruits going bad before you could use them!

The beauty is the ONLY thing YOU need to do is add your base. And guess what? Daily Harvest takes care of that too simply by suggesting what would go best with the smoothie you chose. For all of my smoothies, coconut water was the best option. Pop the cap off, fill the cup up with coconut water, pour into your blender, and after a mere 30 seconds your breakfast is ready. Daily Harvest even makes the cups reusable as a cup on-the-go if you also don’t want to have any dishes to tend to! Like seriously you guys, this smoothie is a game-changer.

If you are feeling compelled to try this gem of a breakfast brand, PLEASE use this discount code. Providing this code is just me reassuring you that I stand behind this brand 110% and that I am working to bring you the best prices possible.


25% off your first order of 6 smoothies

SO, enjoy. And the next time you’re running out the door (late for work or for your 1st period) I hope you have a 30-second smoothie in hand.


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