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It’s SO HARD to find someone you actually trust to achieve the look you have in mind when it comes to hair color. No matter how many pinterest pictures you provide, and no matter how many semi-correct adjectives you use to define what you have in your mind…it seems like something is always just a little off.

My biggest pet peeve is when the stylist does what THEY want, regardless of what you want.


But I DO like when hair stylists walk me through what they’re doing and semi-educate me as much as they can while they’re doing my hair.

This was my experience with Jeff Stump when I visited his amazing salon in Orange County: Artkiteks.

First of all, he was so awesome. Literally the coolest guy I’ve ever had do my hair. Not only did he show me some tough love by literally picking out my broken hair, utterly damaged from my pony-tails and top-knots, to show me what NOT to do next time I worked out (ladies, STAY AWAY from tight, high pony-tales and messy top-knots. The hair ties are BREAKING our hair every time we pull it tighter! Stick to braids and soft hair ties like these)…but he also let me in on his personal life. Which made the appointment speed by.

Another cool thing that I loved about Artkiteks hair salon is that it wasn’t just me and one stylist, it was a couple different sets of hands helping each other out to achieve optimal results.

Jeff had two girls working downstairs with him while my hair was being done, and they helped him with parts of the process throughout the entire appointment. They too, were great to talk to.

And just because Artkiteks is a boutique salon, doesn’t mean they leave you high and dry with your product selection. They had this amazing selection of products I’d never heard of, which gave me another opportunity to learn more about the care and keeping of my hair!

If you’re in the OC area, or you’re down to drive a bit like me…it’s totally worth it. Jeff is amazing, and the proof is plain to see all across his salon’s instagram.


The salon is two stories, bright, and welcoming.



orange county hair salon blonde hair specialist


765 Saint Clair St Costa Mesa CA. 92626  

phone: (714) 754-9400



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