How to Decorate Your Living Room on a Budget

It’s no secret that I am a PRO at bargain hunting. Since the beginning of this blog, I’ve been showing you guys designer dupes, major sales, and items that I just happened to save a ton of money on! Even though I’ve sprinkled some designer goods into my cavalry here and there…I’m still a super saver at heart. Especially when it comes to home goods.

Now that I’m living in a 2 bedroom apartment, there’s a LOT to decorate. And it adds up way quicker than you expect! Especially when you’ve got Pinterest fueling your interior decorating fire.

Thankfully, TARGET is a life-freakin-saver when it comes to all things home goods. They’ve even started selling silverware separately so you can buy that gold utensil set you keep eyeing at a FRACTION of the cost! (I also really appreciate this because as someone who has lived in a studio, I literally want to buy only TWO of everything because there’s no room for extra ANYTHING).

Anyways – back to home good haven, Target. If you haven’t spent time perusing their aisles of decor, you’re missing out.

I’ve definitely collected some key pieces from other retailers to set up my new living room, but the majority of the items I love most are from the one, the only, Target.

Since I haven’t done an official living room reveal yet (which is coming, after a fun secret I’ve been keeping!) I decided to put together a quick collage showcasing a lot of the items I’ve purchased to make my new little house officially a home.

*SHOPPING TIP* If you’re looking for something you have your heart set on, stalk the internet for it first. I bought this leather pouf for $59, because I found it on Amazon UNSTUFFED! The stuffing was a whopping $17, which still puts me at WAY under what they sell for at most major retailers. Always use your resources before buying; aka, the internet.

I hope you enjoy, and find as much pleasure as I do with some Target home good shopping, and some MAJORRRRR savings!

*just click on the item you want to see!*



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