Friday Favorites – Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s Friday Favorites post is featuring the Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale!

friday-favoritesThis post is to make up for last Friday as well because unfortunately, time and no internet got the best of me. I had full intentions of posting something SUPER late last Friday night…but, then I didn’t. SO. Below you will see what I had written up (ON WORD…woah, so oldschool 😉 ) but didn’t end up posting. Ugh. My apologies.

But here we are – back to our original scheduled programming!

I’m doing an old-school write-up of this post right now on Word (soooo old school LOL)  because I DON’T HAVE INTERNET because TIME WARNER CABLE IS DROPPING THE BALL so I can’t post this until I can run to Brennan’s house when he’s home after work! UGH. Okay…rant is over.



Are you ready for another Friday Favorites?

GOOD. You better be. Because guess what is going on right now?

…The Nordstrom Fall Clearance Sale. THAT’S what.

Check out my favorite picks below – and make sure you have some coffee because there’s a LOT.







Enjoy scrolling through some of the things I purchased full-price that are now marked-down (story of my life) and some things that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Sidenote, my little sister just got a job at Nordstrom UTC (San Diego) and will be working at The Rail (Men’s Department) and she’s THE CUTEST so go visit her and make her your new personal shopper! Her name is Paige annnnnd I’m obsessed with her 🙂


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