GIFT GUIDE #1: Gifts for your BFF that are ALL UNDER $50

Wow, hey guys – it’s been a while. A loonnnnnng while. There’s definitely a back story as to WHY I’ve been 1000% MIA on the blog lately, but I’m not ready to get into it quiiiiiite yet. But, you’ll obviously be first to know when I am! 😉 On top of life changes, Brennan’s friends and family came to town for the first 3 weeks of November, and we both got sick for about 2 weeks. Needless to say, November was quite the doozy. Thankfully we’re recovered and not going to keep bouncing colds back and forth to each other – I HIGHLY suggest trying to be sick at the same time with your significant other to get it out of the way if you can manage it lolol. Anyways, jumping back onto the scene FULL FORCE here with a gift guide for your BFF; the best part? Everything is UNDER $50. Score.

Luckily I was super focussed on Black Friday and got ALL the gifts I needed, sans traffic & waiting in lines. I seriously cannot even get NEAR a mall the entire month of December. It’s so chaotic and stressful. I hate when I absent-mindedly decide to go shopping at the Promenade and upon arrival quickly realize that it’s holiday shopping season and everyone and their grandma have risen from the depths of the Westside to bombard every store and bee line from one place to the next, paying no mind to those of us trying to have a nice time calmly browsing the new arrivals. No thank you. Can’t do it. Hate it. Give me a computer, a cup of coffee, some Christmas music and I am set.

I’m excited to bring you this gift guide for your BFF because it was actually inspired by my own holiday shopping for my girlfriends this year. Obviously I can’t tell you WHAT gifts I bought from this gift guide, but rest assured that I actually did buy items on it – soooo you know I obviously stand by the products! That will be the common theme with the 4 other (yes FOUR) gift guides coming your way in the next two weeks. ALL contain items I’ve purchased and am currently anxiously awaiting arrivals for (the downside to Cyber-weekend shopping: the shit show that is the company’s warehouses and the employees’ attempts to get all of the items out on time. So far? They’ve been unsuccessful).

And let’s be real – who doesn’t love a good gift guide you can actually afford? Money is tight (#helpmeimpoor) especially when the holidays hit. So I’m not going to waste your time OR your cash.

In other news, I have some BIG plans for this blog come 2018. If I’m being honest, 2017 kinda sucked. A lot, at times, actually. I’m looking forward to starting fresh, really kicking this blog into high-gear, and pursuing my biggest passion: creating, writing, and publishing!

I’m also excited to get Brennan more involved! More info to come on that soon, too 🙂


TIP: Just hover over the item you want to see, and click!

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No Drama Club Flask

2-Piece Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer Set

Spiked Glass Water Bottle

U Mini Speaker

Peace Sign Table Decor

Gray Malin Sand Candle

Cactus Bottle Stopper

Rose All Day Coffee Table Book

Prisma Jewelry Tray


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