Like a Tall Drink of Water – For your FACE.

Confused by the title? GLAD you’re here to see WTH I’m talking about because I can guarantee you, you’ll want in on this. My newest obsession: Clarins SOS Hydra Mask. It is QUITE LITERALLY a tall drink of water for your face. The best part is that it’s BLUE. Which really makes for great conversation if someone (specifically your boyfriend) walks in unexpectedly only to be terrified by said blue face mask.

Not only is the SOS Hydra Mask unique in color, it also isn’t quite like your traditional face masks. You know…the ones that dry solid, only to crack every time you make a move or even breathe too deeply (don’t even get me STARTED on any unintentional laughing / talking that may occur if you’re doing a face mask in a house with others around that want to make the process unenjoyable for you). No. Not this one.

Clarins decided to recreate the typical mask routine and instead of requiring you wash it off (AKA scrub/peel/rub/PRAY that it comes off nicely) you simply rub it into your face! That’s right. After just 10 minutes, simply grab a cotton pad and rub the icy-gel mask into your hydrated skin for that extra feeling of moisture.

If you need MORE convincing, check out what ULTA has to say about it:

“Refreshing hydration mask. Clarins SOS Hydra Mask is a 10-minute reset to quench thirsty skin by replenishing lost moisture. This icy, cream-gel mask-with super-quenching organic leaf of life-visibly plumps skin and renews radiance.”

Key Benefits:

Quenches thirsty skin with organic leaf of life extract

Icy cream-gel formula hydrates and plumps for a healthy-looking glow

Can be used on targeted areas for multi-masking

Not looking for hydration? Clarins has got you covered with two other SOS Masks:


Now, RUN to your nearest ULTA to pick up a mask of your own. Or…ya know, click on the links above 😉 TRUST ME, YOUR FACE WILL THANK YOU! It’s a new year, after all. New year, new skin!

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