My Complexion Solution: Rodan + Fields

This obviously isn’t my first post about skincare; I’ve walked you through my different skin regimens time and time again, and I’ve always thought “this is it…this is the one that will cure everything.” Yet many of those times I was thoroughly let down after reaching a plateau with so many of the products I was trying. *Disclaimer* I never post about things that I wouldn’t recommend to you to try for yourself, BUT…that’s life, you try something, think it’s great for 6 weeks, then you’re like…wtf, why isn’t it working anymore??? Just so we’re clear. Which is why I’m excited to introduce to you my latest skin obsession: Rodan and Fields.

ANYWAYS. My little love down in San Diego, Miss Kaylee Keith, introduced to me something that actually did what it said it was going to do in as little as a week. She herself saw so much success that I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself.

I get random pimples here and there, no big deal (even though at the time they’re actually a really big deal and I hate my face for 4-6 days). But my biggest problems are the scars left from picking at my face (such a bad habit that I’m trying to improve on), the dullness in my cheeks, and the discoloration near my cheekbones. No matter what I do, no matter what I get prescribed, it just seems to get me to a point where nothing gets any better.

I tried exfoliating, I tried topical medicines. I even tried antibiotics.

They all helped for a short amount of time, but then my face just stopped improving.

So, I decided to try out this regimen from Rodan + Fields because I thought why not, I have nothing to lose at this point. 

The best part about Rodan + Fields (in my opinion) is the first step. You have to fill out a brief survey online that zeros in on your biggest skin issue, and gives you a recommendation on which regimen is fit best for your face…all of my answers pointed to their “Reverse” regimen, which is used specifically “for the appearance of brown spots, dullness and discoloration.” Hallelujah!

After about a week of using it, I noticed the following each morning:

  • My skin looked brighter every single morning after using steps 1, 2, & 3
  • My skin looked tighter (is that weird?)
  • The scars on my cheeks started getting lighter, and even appeared smaller in size
  • There was never a “dry spell” or “adjustment period” for my skin to get used to my new regimen (also known as the most terrible week of your life as the top layer of your skin basically comes off because it’s so dry)
  • My face wasn’t as oily as it had been with past regimens (with step 3 combining two different lotions, I was nervous I would suffer from oily skin…but it’s actually the opposite)
  • I’m actually motivated to get through all of the steps because I know that with each use my face will be that much better the next day
  • The SPF smells so good and does not make me oily at all, which is huge.


  • reverse

Step 1: This is an exfoliator that smells wonderful. It’s refreshing, the beads are micro but also feel like they’re cutting away at the dead skin on my face. It’s gentle enough (for me) to use every night without any negative side effects.

rodan + fields

Step 2: This toner works wonders. It’s crazy to me how much is left on my face even after vigorous scrubbing with the exfoliator. This step ensures you get all of the dirt & build up from your day off so you can properly treat your skin with the next step.

rodan + fields

Step 3: These dual active brightening complexes work together to form an incredible moisturizer. You put a tiny little drop of both lotions onto your finger, mix them together, and spread evenly over your problem areas. I save the most for my cheeks, but also spread it over my forehead, chin, and nose as well. The smell is kinda funky, but you get used to it after a couple of seconds.

retinol vitamin c formula

Step 4: Obviously SPF is only used for when you’re going outside. I don’t use this before bed (duh) but I do love using this in the morning. I don’t re-wash my face with steps 1-3 in the morning; I do like to think that I’m completing the regimen in the AM though with this step on its own. Like I mentioned above, it doesn’t leave me oily, and it smells just as good as the exfoliator. It kind of helps me wake up in the morning with the burst of freshness.

rodan + fields


If you’re interested in trying out Rodan + Fields for yourself, you can contact Kaylee directly and she’ll get you all set up! Her contact info is as follows:

(619) 929-6481

I am excited to finally have a product that makes me feel like it’s working while I’m sleeping; something that brings visible changes with each morning. It’s so gratifying and makes me encouraged about finally seeing the improvement I’ve been searching for with every new skincare regimen. Rodan + Fields is on to something, so I encourage you to try it out for yourself and see what wonders it’ll work with YOUR skin 🙂

rodan + fields reverse


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