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Jeans are probably the hardest thing for us to shop for as women. You think you’re trying on a slouchy boyfriend fit, only to realize that they look like your skinny jeans. You want a flare? Okay…you’re also gonna need a pair of 4 inch wedges to actually wear them out. You want skinny jeans that are your perfect length? Be prepared to go to the tailor for a nice hem. It never ends when it comes to jean shopping…and it’s so hard to test out brand after brand after brand, only to realize that the jeans just don’t fit you like they do everyone else. At least, this has been my experience. Luckily, James Jeans has helped with a lot of fit issues I’ve experienced in the past, and I’m excited to continue the Coast to Coast series with Lauren and Mary-Katherine to introduce to you the best fitting denim for every body.

Fun fact: I’m the Social Media Manager at James Jeans. Fun(ner) fact: I had NO IDEA how amazingly they fit until I started working there…and now there’s no going back. Seriously. These jeans make your butt look ahhhmazing! In this post I’m wearing our James Twiggy Ankle in Black Swan, Lauren is wearing the Twiggy Ankle in Captive, Mary-Katherine is wearing the James Twiggy in Splash and got them hemmed to be ankle length. Moral of the story, these ankle length jeans are such a life saver for anyone under 5’7″! They also have the perfect rise; I’ve even worn mine with crop tops and have been completely comfortable because of how perfect the rise is.

james jeans

We’re so excited to be partnering with James Jeans to bring YOU your very own pair of jeans (yes, of your choice!) Head to our instagram’s to enter before the contest ends on Sunday night!! You will NOT want to miss your chance at a pair of the best fitting denim 🙂

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twiggy ankle black fedora suede jacket twiggy ankle james jeans lulus jacket lack of color hat how to wear jeans if you're short james jeans


Shirt, Zara | Denim, c/o James Jeans | Jacket, c/o Lulu’s | Fedora, c/o Styled by Noir | Shoes, c/o M. Gemi


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