Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM

I know it’s a touchy subject because some people are like Galentine’s day all the way! And others are like Single’s Awareness day…but for those of you that are mushy gushy and love Valentine’s day, THIS POST IS FOR YOU.

I’m not even sure I’m ready for Valentine’s day this year because truth be told, last year’s Valentine’s day was the best one I’ve ever had in all my years of celebrating! It was a complete surprise, and so simple, but concentrated on ALL of my favorite things.

Brennan made it so special each day with a small surprise, leading up to the best picnic on the beach! He made sure that the menu consisted of all of my favorite things, supplied the perfect playlist (pretty sure Justin Bieber even came on a couple times..) and to top it all off, whipped out the pair of Stan Smiths’ I’d been eyeing for weeks!

It truly was the best Valentine’s day because he put so much thought into every minute of the weekend, despite how incredibly busy he was at work the entire time!

The only downside was the fact that I didn’t get him ANYTHING. How sad is that -_-

I wasn’t really sure what our plans were so I just kinda…didn’t plan. Fail.

So this year, I’ve really been putting thought into what guys would even want for Valentine’s day. There’s such a stigma that girls need to be the ones who get spoiled, but c’mon…guys deserve a little love too don’t they?!

If you have a special someone in your life and you’re suddenly thinking “omg I need to get him a gift!” then you’re in luck.

I decided to google the ish out of how to Photoshop and made a collage last night and was legit up until midnight figuring it all out.

Moral of the story, I worked HARD to bring you this Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him guide…so at least take a look 😉

And if you like what you see, click on the image and it’ll take you directly to that product.

Prices vary, so click on them all if you want to see the whole spectrum.

Also, I promise my collages (like hopefully my YouTube videos) will continue to get better lololol.

Practice makes perfect, right?!


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